letter let‧ter [ˈletə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. a written or printed message that is usually put in an envelope and sent by mail:

• Please sign the letter and mail it back within two weeks.

alloˈcation ˌletter also alˈlotment ˌletter FINANCE
a letter telling someone how many shares they will receive when new shares are first made available; = LETTER OF ALLOCATION:

• Qualifying members will get their allocation letters by early April.

apˈpointment ˌletter HUMAN RESOURCES
a letter from an organization to someone to say that they have been given a job; = LETTER OF APPOINTMENT:

• The appointment letter should include the appointee's job title and salary amount.

ˈcomfort ˌletter
FINANCE a letter from a company to a bank in support of a subsidiary of the company that is asking for a loan; = LETTER OF COMFORT:

• A parent company will give, if not a formal guarantee, then a comfort letter relating to its subsidiary's indebtedness to banks and others.

ˌcovering ˈletter , ˈcover ˌletter
a letter that you send with another document or a package, explaining why it has been sent or giving extra information about it:

• Copies of the questionnaire and covering letter were sent to heads of department individually.

enˈgagement ˌletter HUMAN RESOURCES
a letter in which the conditions under which someone is employed are stated. In the US, an engagement letter is usually given to a contractor who has been employed to carry out a particular service or job; = LETTER OF ENGAGEMENT:

• The fee structure must be clearly set out in the engagement letter.

ˈform ˌletter
a standard letter that is sent to a number of people with just the name and address changed for each different person:

• We wrote to quite a large number of companies, but many sent back only form letters.

2. any of the signs in writing or printing that represent a speech sound:

• the letter `A'

3. do something to the letter to pay exact attention to the details of an agreement, rule, set of instructions etc:

• In order for the plan to work, you need to follow the instructions to the letter.

4. LAW the letter of the law the exact words of a law or agreement rather than the intended or general meaning:

• an administrator with a rigid adherence to the letter of the law

* * *

letter UK US /ˈletər/ noun [C]
COMMUNICATIONS a written message from one person to another, usually put in an envelope and sent by mail: by letter »

You will receive an acknowledgement by letter.

get/receive a letter (from sb) »

I got a letter from my lawyer this morning.

deliver/post/send a letter »

I sent a letter about the problem to HQ last week.

draft/write/sign a letter »

The letter was signed by the managing director.

reply to/acknowledge/answer a letter »

I wrote to the company but they did not even acknowledge my letter.

a confirmation/rejection/warning letter »

You will receive a confirmation letter within 10 working days.

an accompanying/a covering letter »

Please find enclosed my CV and a covering letter.

a formal/an informal letter »

He wrote a formal letter of resignation.


The letter was addressed to John Clarke.


a letter dated 3rd March 2010

any of the set of symbols used to write a language, representing a sound in the language: »

the letter D


an upper-case/lower-case letter (= A/a or B/b)

the letter of the law — Cf. the letter of the law
to the letter — Cf. to the letter
See also ALLOCATION LETTER(Cf. ↑allocation letter), APPLICATION LETTER(Cf. ↑application letter), APPOINTMENT LETTER(Cf. ↑appointment letter), BANK AUTHORIZATION LETTER(Cf. ↑bank authorization letter), COMMITMENT LETTER(Cf. ↑commitment letter), COVERING LETTER(Cf. ↑covering letter), COVER LETTER(Cf. ↑cover letter), CREDIT DISPUTE LETTER(Cf. ↑credit dispute letter), ENGAGEMENT LETTER(Cf. ↑engagement letter), FORM LETTER(Cf. ↑form letter), LETTER OF COMFORT(Cf. ↑letter of comfort), REGRET LETTER(Cf. ↑regret letter)
letter UK US /ˈletər/ adjective [before noun]
US LETTER-SIZE(Cf. ↑letter-size)

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